something 2021

Friendly Resonant Disk

an EP

the gold wager The Gold Wager: Precious Metals, Asteroid Mining, and Societal Collapse

should I buy gold?

don't copystrike me, this is adequate transformation A Critique of the Open Floorplan

open floorplans are a detriment to humanity and here’s why

imurme cover I M U R ME

electro distortion, with bips


Have as many wonderful moments as possible by really trying to. Then channel the effects of those wonderful moments into subsequent moments to help make those moments more wonderful.


Think litter is bad for the environment? think again.


poem inspired by earbuds

it's a tree with the word yotally under it, nice gold field Yotally Podcast – Episode 3

wanna know the behind the scenes for episode 3? look no further.

Yotally Podcast – Episode 2

yotally podcast episode 2 show notes

Localism / Bioregionalism Introduction / Discussion

How we can use localism to lead to bioregionalism, and why we should.

Old Friends

electro-nostalgia (with music video)

yotally episode 1 Yotally Podcast – Episode 1

stream the first episode of the yotally podcast here

Power and Wifi while living in a camper or van

our full solar setup (with links) and hotspot info


yotally subscription box

yotally, bro yotally newsletter / podcast introduction

email newsletter and podcast project (backstory and description)

Stranded in a private parking lot for 4 days… successfully

aka how to replace a fuel filter assembly

Yiction short videos – inspo for [[the album]]

making music and editing videos in the camper


pen on paper, santa barbara CA, december 29, 2020

the rugmaker's cave The Hatmaker’s Cave

simple-yet-complex relaxed song with a massive jungle switchup. feat. Zach Goggins


digital repetition, Duvall, WA, november 2020

the camper in the cool morning The Cold and the Freeze

Four ways to stay warm, and two options for when it freezes

a depressed sim Distract the fuck out of yourself

A game I created to combat depressive episodes.

Estate Taxes and Jesus Christ Estate Taxes and Jesus Christ

An ideological analysis resulting in more questions than answers.

higher consciousness Higher Consciousness

digital process, Seattle, WA, october 28th, 2020

Laramie County Library album cover Laramie County Library

Smooth & chill beat I made in Laramie County Library.

Small Town USA Main Street Real Estate Innovation: The Highest and Best Use of Main Street USA

Creative solutions for landlords and tenants for a post-COVID world.

I wrote a speech youtube cover going societal

I wrote a speech about society for the Flavor World newsletter

voice memos Record your podcast on your phone

Do you have an idea for a podcast? Start today with this REAL guide. Very real.

Julian Assange Time Magazine cover 2010 Near History: Julian Assange & Wikileaks

Who is Julian Assange, and what is Wikileaks?

the faucet (above the pump) The Water Pump

How we fixed our water pump in Nevada.


pen on paper, Pleasant Dale, Nebraska, october 2020

Making music near the sun

acrylic on paper, Oakland, Iowa, october 2020

this digital mess I've made playlist cover It’s a playlist, not an album

The most extensive music project I’ve made.

barnyard rhapsody cover Barnyard Rhapsody

Barn animals and a hard beat.

sweeps album cover Sweepstakes

Ironic song about sweepstakes

beechy p Beach Psychosis

Mellow song I made on the beach

Cancelling My Subscription

Me cancelling a subscription.

glitching screen Glitch Sashimi

How to make sashimi

trippy ass album cover Mouse Party

Mice have a night out then go to space

This Digital Mess I’ve Made

A mashup remix of the entire playlist

printvision print(vision):

mechanical pencil on discarded printer paper, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 25, 2020

the finished listing The Milwaukee House

We flipped a house.

Flavor World Logo Flavor World & The Kids’ Table & The Flavor Friday Podcast

How I got involved with the best brand I know.

Lightning Cartography

cool pilot G-2 pens, september 2020

Government algorithm, 2035

multicolored pilot G-2s I acquired at Pick-N-Save, September 2020

Near History: Occupy Wall Street

When the Occupy Wall Street movement happened when I was 13 years old. There were quite a few events between when I was born and now that greatly influenced the way the world looks today. So I’ve decided to learn by writing about them.

Buildings on a token Real Estate Innovation: Blockchain & Tokenization

Dividing your expensive real estate asset into small digital tokens is a solid move. So many benefits!

The Chase

Before and after the big bang.

A crane putting a modular piece on a building. Real Estate Innovation: Modular Construction

Remote work is becoming more popular and real estate costs are still rising. As the next generation of people looks to purchase their own homes, they won’t be tied to the steep costs that come with living near a job in a specific area. Modular construction is poised to take advantage of the opportunity presented by these developing trends.