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Posted on January 13, 2023

listen to seven billion gods while you read about seven billion gods

7 billion gods was birthed from my favorite instrument, the 16mm Dream Sequence.

so that’s what the kids are calling an instrument these days

This instrument has appeared in yiction classics including The Discount Aisle, The Hatmaker’s Cave, and most recently, Existential Dread. Existential Dread actually shares a logic file with this song – the “stick” and “kick” instruments are identical between the two, although there are quite a few processing differences.

What does the title mean?

Despite how much I wish it did, this song has absolutely nothing to do with “kill six billion demons“, which I discovered less than a week ago.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the world’s population – if it did, I would’ve titled it “8 billion gods” to commemorate the recent milestone of our population analysts’ best guess.

It does have something to do with an absurdly large number, though. That’s why I said “7 billion”. It also has something to do with the idea of a “god” – not in the Christian God sense; more like in the “all-powerful decision-making entity” sense. It’s hard to comprehend what it would be like for there to be even like 3 of these “gods” in our universe, let alone a hundred, or a thousand. Trying to scale that up to 7 billion is absolutely ridiculous – what would our world be like if there were that many decision-making agents just kinda doing their own thing? What would they do all day? What would you do if you were one of them? 😮 what if you ARE one of them? 😮

Song details

There’s really not a lot going on with this song. The whole melody lives in one dream sequence track, except for the really low note, which was 1 or 2 semitones lower than the lowest note in the dream sequence instrument, so I had to bounce the lowest note and pitch shift it down. The kick and stick basically just repeat, except for one time right after the chord pattern switches when the kick hits an extra time – just for fun.

why? cuz that’s where the SHIT picks tf UP

Weird thing: At the end of the song, it kind of sounds like there’s a “double” stick hit – idk why this happens because that stick hit is the same midi note as the stick hits throughout the rest of the song. It probably has something to do with the heinous stack of plugins that the sounds have to travel through before they reach your ears.

Fun fact: this song dropped on Friday the 13th. Spooky!

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