Posted on August 26, 2023

forest-covered ridges in the distance
gallivant through trees i know ill never see
think about what life would be on this. that. hill.
viewing from my vantage, and rarely, from the street

boxy colored parcel checkered mountains
switching views and diving down a blue line stream
sledding over contours in my zoomed-out state
mind preoccupied with property

i get bored of this or that and soar to foreign lands
feet, meters, miles, seconds sand to sea to sand

gliding high i survey for a landing
crimson painted earth beneath my pixelated feet
green trees have given way to lonely dots of shrubs
i wonder who the people here could be

speeding up im searching for an answer
the further that i scroll, the more the mystery
wind-swept sands twist a knife in my gut
desolation edges past my screen

had enough of that, im zooming up and out away 
and with a final choice im back to places i can say

photo spheres that illustrate my journeys
flags upon locations that ive been
images so vivid, i feel like ive returned
places that i hope i go again 

contemplate the vastness of my homeland
instantly, i take another lap
memories i know i’d lose without it,
so i close my eyes and thank the map.

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