Friendly Resonant Disk

an EP

imurme cover I M U R ME

electro distortion, with bips

Old Friends

electro-nostalgia (with music video)

the rugmaker's cave The Hatmaker’s Cave

simple-yet-complex relaxed song with a massive jungle switchup. feat. Zach Goggins

Laramie County Library album cover Laramie County Library

Smooth & chill beat I made in Laramie County Library.

this digital mess I've made playlist cover It’s a playlist, not an album

The most extensive music project I’ve made.

barnyard rhapsody cover Barnyard Rhapsody

Barn animals and a hard beat.

sweeps album cover Sweepstakes

Ironic song about sweepstakes

beechy p Beach Psychosis

Mellow song I made on the beach

Cancelling My Subscription

Me cancelling a subscription.