walk album cover Walk

an album loosely based on the sound some crosswalk signals make

Melted-Eggs-Album-Cover Melted Eggs

Poppy synth song with a CRACKIN beat

in actuality cover In Actuality

Melodic chill beat song

Printed Hyperlink Printed Hyperlink (& I Really Hope So)

crazy 808 kind of hyperpop distortion songs

window to hell cover Window to Hell

Are you looking in, or are you looking out?

hard bathroom beat cover HARD Bathroom Beat

a HARD beat(box)

7 billion gods album cover Seven billion gods

funky little dream sequence beat melody

existential dread album cover Existential Dread

Dream sequence song with lyrics of existential dread

distant balloon album cover Distant Balloon

a song for a distant balloon

Roman Fresco

Song for romanesco… with violins!