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Posted on May 31, 2022


This one came from the same logic file as imurme, hard combat, and shiny acoustic ending. I bet you can hear the similarities.

The synth kind of reminds me of an ancient song I made many years ago: nostalgic november:

it’s nostalgic november!

I made the middle part of branch (with the airy sound) before the rest of the song, but I didn’t like how sad it sounded by itself, so I made the beginning synth pattern to compensate (which I liked very much). But then the beginning synth pattern ran its course, and it needed somewhere to go. So the airy middle part was resurrected.

Branch is actually pretty reminiscent of imurme now that I think about it, even beyond the instrument similarities: they both have a quiet intro with off-beat percussion sound, followed by a massive hit that kicks off the song.

The cover photo was taken at sonoma’s dad’s house. sonoma then edited the photo with the extensive and entirely adequate iphone photo editor

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