Melted Eggs


Posted on November 17, 2023

Credit to my friend Chase for the song title. Long story short: it’s an AI reference – a boondoggle of interacting tech platforms that all combined to tell you “YES! You CAN melt an egg.”


Naturally, the album cover is a human-AI collab. I made this art about a month ago, and already, the tools I used to create it have evolved.

Some alternate cover arts from different stages of development:

the initial concept – abstract!
I actually really like this one and kind of wish I used it
a different hyper-realistic melted egg

Yiction song-siblings: The structure of Melted Eggs reminds me of the “big jungle switchup” in The Hatmaker’s Cave mixed with the beatbox switchup in Distant Balloon.

Random bonus bounces

There was a lot going on in this Logic file. At first, I made this:

I have no recollection of making this at all

Then, the file evolved into a quest for a 70s bassline. I made three basslines while listening to 70s songs and asked my girlfriend Sonoma which one she liked the best.

melted eggs bassline 1
melted eggs bassline 2
melted eggs bassline 3

She liked the first one the best, then told me that none of them sounded like 70s basslines. So I took the first one and ran with it, and it evolved into a more recognizable tune:

melted eggs swing beat

From that, I lifted the song’s intro, then remade the “buildup” into something a bit more dramatic (fitting for the song’s concept) – follow that up with the beat drop, and you’ve got melted eggs.

melted eggs FINAL

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