The Hatmaker’s Cave

the rugmaker's cave

Posted on December 9, 2020

In a cave…
Making hats…
Playing nothing but this song…

(feat. Zach Goggins)

I was working on this song for my friend Drew’s rug video. I made it through a couple drafts, but it felt like it needed something… more.

I’d been wanting to collaborate with my friends for a while, so I reached out to my friend from high school, Zach Goggins. Zach is in a band called Kids From Korea (KFK), and I know he likes to play the guitar, so I played coy in the texts for a bit then asked him if he wanted to play a guitar solo for the song. He said yes.

After he sent me his recording, I chopped it up and modulated it and threw it all around the song. I like how much it adds to the 2nd chorus, right before the big switchup. I really wanted this song to stay interesting throughout (hence the violin trills and the random silence cutoffs), and the guitar really helps with that.

The Digital Landmarks Collection

This song is part 2 of the Digital Landmarks Collection. This one is definitely also good for playing minecraft to. The main commonality between The Hatmaker’s Cave and the first Digital Landmarks Collection (namely The Discount Aisle) is the main instrument in the song. The Discount Aisle has one instrument – 16mm Dream Sequence. The Hatmaker’s Cave has many more instruments than that, but many of those instruments are modulations and modifications of that same instrument. Can you hear the similarities?

That’s a lot of dream sequences

Cover Art

The cover art was created in a fervor on the day before the release of the song. Normally I give songs a couple weeks between upload and release, but I wanted this one to go live when Drew’s rug video did. So I spent the morning finishing the music and photoshopping two of Sonoma’s crocheted hats into the cave (which is also a photo taken my Sonoma). The cave is located near Franklin Falls, Washington if you wanna go try to find it I guess.

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