Roman Fresco

Posted on July 29, 2022

roman fresco finished

AI Album Art

The album art is made by AI! Wow what a cool fun fact right? Visit and type in “romanesco roman fresco”. Thanks to Sonoma as always for providing inspiration.

a different front-runner

If I make revenues over $1 million then I have to provide craiyon with a commercial agreement, so please don’t stream the song ~300 million times because that sounds like a pain in the ass.

Plucks & Experimental Origin

I have always liked the sound of violin plucks. Some of my earliest shit songs use a synth sample called “pizzi” that sounds like an electronic version of a pluck (“pizzicato” refers to the technique of plucking a string instrument). Roman Fresco directly features the violin pizzicato sound with very little modulation added.

One of the earlier experimental bits from the Roman Fresco file uses more modulation on the plucks for a while:

romanesco.wav – this song actually makes me feel really empty

You can hear what eventually became the chord pattern for Roman Fresco around the 30 second mark.


– Roman Fresco’s beat is the result of a new modulation method I’ve been messing around with where I crunch the hell out of the drums, then layer that in with the original clean sound of the drums.

– The fact that the percussive “dits” and “pocks” are in tune with the song was a complete coincidence. 100% total accident. Most of the cool stuff that happens in my songs seems to come from mistakes. Maybe I should try to mess up more.

No-Synth Version

Do you think the song might sound better without the synth in the middle? I might agree with you! Here is a no-synth version:

roman fresco no synth

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