Existential Dread

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Posted on December 9, 2022

this one nags at me

let’s say that all matter is energy and all energy is matter and the individual perceiver is literally what it perceives

everyone is everyone else and all of everything is all one

let’s just say that it is

let’s also say our nth-generation-from-now descendants figure out how to tangibly transform the experience of individual perception into the experience of everything (like what consciousness might be like if all matter got converted into something like hedonium)

let’s just say that they can do that

what would that consciousness worry about?

this line of thought is the basis of the lyrics of this song

if everyone is everything, and everything is one

and we’re here for infinity

then we’re alone for infinity 

and if our universe is truly limited by our universe

then, no matter how connected we all are,

we’re stuck

in here


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