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Posted on August 25, 2023


This song feels fairly simplistic. The main idea in it is the melody, which came into my head when I was walking around a Whole Foods looking for a freezer pizza.

whole foods pizza melody beat.wav


I like how the bass does the high note of the “7th” chord at the end of each measure. There’s a horn behind the 808 that lingers for a bit longer than the 808 and feels a bit emptying (the horn doesn’t hit on every 808, but when it does, it turns up the distortion a bit and peaks out the melody synth. which I enjoy.).

Speaking of distortion and “peaking out the melody synth”, I guess this song is sort of doing the same thing as Printed Hyperlink, where the bass stack is tearing up the song above it. It’s a lot more subtle (relatively) in In Actuality, though.


The album cover is a photo from the National Forest out on Highway 2 in Washington, somewhere out past Skykomish. I also used this photo as the cover for my short story “A Forest’s Roth“. Still not a huge fan of how I worded the ending of that short story.


Actually, this song kind of almost (not really) had lyrics. When I first made the beat and melody, before I did anything with the huge beat mixup at the end, I wrote this set:

  • alls a sudden alls i feel’s i’m stuck in actuality
    • i’m stuck in some reality i’m lacking abnormality
    • i’m off track, outta whack, focussin on what I lack
    • focusing on making stacks, i don’t care just take it back

I was in a pretty rough state of mind at the time! Was probably doing the dishes.

Anyway, hope you like it!

in actuality.wav

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