poem inspired by earbuds


yotally subscription box


pen on paper, santa barbara CA, december 29, 2020


digital repetition, Duvall, WA, november 2020

higher consciousness Higher Consciousness

digital process, Seattle, WA, october 28th, 2020


pen on paper, Pleasant Dale, Nebraska, october 2020

Making music near the sun

acrylic on paper, Oakland, Iowa, october 2020

printvision print(vision):

mechanical pencil on discarded printer paper, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 25, 2020

Lightning Cartography

cool pilot G-2 pens, september 2020

Government algorithm, 2035

multicolored pilot G-2s I acquired at Pick-N-Save, September 2020

stay in bounds bruh Record Your Memories // Stay In Bounds

pen on anti-binge drinking poster, the night before move-out, 2020

consider it nuclear GO NUCLEAR ON BLAND WORLD

acrylic on canvas, august 2020

Flag for a Sea Kingdom

acrylic on paper, 2020

do I actually hate sweepstakes?? Sweepstakes Parody Cover

digital collage, july 10, 2020

Some digital polygons God Fearing Men

digital shapes, 2020

Look deep within yourself Rancid Romance

digital layers, 2020

crazy person scrawling May 6th

pen on paper (developing), May 6th, 2020

A Colored Pencil Drawing Primordial Prayer for Dry Soup

pen and colored pencil, 2020

Woah a double drawing? Through Memories

pencil on paper, 2020

On Restructuring

poem on restructuring

The original click document Click Art

digital collage and poem, early April 2020


marker on check, early 2020

unlikely herbivores Unlikely Herbivores Concept Art

physical collage, March 2020

glitch copy art Digital Eclipse

digital collage, february 2020

No matter what, Machines,

poem for the machines

Michael’s Text

poem about a weird book I read

Our reality is a mistake

poem by a young child

oof sorry for the swearing A Letter to the Forest (series)

simple photo edit series, early 2020


pen on printer paper, January 1st, 2020 at 9:00am

Finals Week Note to Self

poem for me

In Our Head

poem for the freaky future

crazy pen writing and drawing MAKE A WISH

really nice gel pen on paper, 2019

Hi Gary Sink or Swim

really nice gel pen on paper, 2019


poem for us

The Metro

poem for paris

When death comes you can smell it

poem for the optimists

I have emerged into the earth

poem for humans

I like the bus

poem for the bus