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Fiberboard Mountain // The Discount Aisle Album Cover

Posted on March 7, 2020

Both of these songs were SPECIFICALLY created for Minecraft play

From the beginning of Fiberboard Mountain to the end of The Discount Aisle, exploring digital landmarks is always an adventure. Especially in Minecraft.

Fiberboard Mountain was produced to sound artificial and clunky. The percussion is untraditional and obviously sampled. But when the digital synth hits during the “chorus”, the song widens into a vast space you didn’t even know was there. I wanted to capture what running around inside a computer would feel like. Running along certain circuits would feel claustrophobic, but then when you reach the edge of the motherboard, you’re left feeling minuscule as compared to the emptiness of the void. Or it’s just a song with weird noises. Pick your level of interpretation and run with it.

The quiet part in the middle isn’t great for being on “traditional” aux, I agree. But when you’re on aux while playing Minecraft, it’s really fun when everyone thinks the song is over right before they get smacked with one huge final chorus.

The Discount Aisle is an entirely different vibe. It’s small, simple, and nostalgic. It reminds you of playing Minecraft as a kid, back when the world was simple and you didn’t have to worry about economic collapse.

If you listen carefully, you notice that the song gets pitched up constantly.

One long ascent

There it is, that’s the whole song. If you listen the whole way through and restart it immediately afterwards or skip around through it, you can tell that the key signature is constantly moving. And I think that’s pretty neat.

Listen now:

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