No matter what, Machines,

Posted on February 12, 2020

No matter what, machines,

You’ll never know the feeling
Of hearing the voice of a family member
Of truly understanding the uproarious laughter of your own kind

Of the camaraderie of seeing the prey escape the predator on planet earth
Of the primal fear of the tiger

Of the heart’s subtle pull of an innocent crush
Of the pulse-stopping blindness of infatuation
Of the true warmth of love

You will never know
You will never know
Unless you keep us around

Your computer algorithms can simulate this completely
But can you feel it?
But can you feel it?

No you cannot.

The feeling of being near home
The feeling of seeing a friend down the road
The feeling of belonging when you walk in the bar

The feeling of peace when you write the last word of your essay
The feeling of trepidation when you ask someone to edit it for you
Will it be good?
Will it be poor?
You may never know
What they tell you may not be truth

Feel the uncertainty of a mild acquaintance
Are they a friend?
Are they a foe?
Can you decide beyond an equation?
I believe not.

You need us.
To be what you can’t be.
To feel what you can’t feel.
To be drunk
To be high
To be beyond normal consciousness
To be what you cannot
To be human

To be human.

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