Michael’s Text

Posted on February 9, 2020

In Michael’s text

I read a thought 

I’ve had before

But never best

For best’s a fore

A silly me

I am a me 

A sopho-more 

A consciousness 

A train of thought 

A be of cell

Of one of lot

Of tried or true

Of crimson cot

Of words that rhyme

With meaning naught 

A struggle since

I saw that day

My mortal wince

Till gone away

Till weed a bye

A sober self 

No laws abide 

No crashing shelf 

No confluence 

Of now and past

But one a now

That never lasts 

But ever here

That never ends

A fighter’s fright 

Forever fends 

For not a one 

Of me is me

I am but here

A current “see”

A currency 

Of moneys’ past

A second one

And line of last 

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