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Posted on September 28, 2020

Yeah, this one is a journey

If you’ve ever wondered how a mouse society would function, look no further. They’ve got underground jazz clubs, cheese bongs, spray paint, aliens, and space hot tubs. The best way to listen to this song is in a dark room with headphones, only after ensuring nobody else knows you’re listening to it. Only play it on aux if everyone you’re with is the ultimate level of chill.


The Universe
A galaxy
A solar system
A planet
A mouse society
A city, named New Mouse Capitol
A smoky basement in a mouse speakeasy

The scene starts out with some mice
Dressed up all fancy and nice
Wearing suits worth a couple bands
Made a million dollars from selling a vice

The mice eat cheese around a table
Tell stories as truthful as fables
One mouse slowly stands up and
Puts a mouse record on the little mouse turntable

"Hey, let's go to the underground jazz club!"
"Can you be my wingmouse?"
"Dude, I'm so wasted"
"Pass the cheese bong"
"Let's get out of here!"
"I wanna leave!"
"Who wants to go?"
"I'm ready whenever you are"

Let's get food let's get some food let's get food let's get food
The mice are wandering the streets, looking for food
They're drunk and hungry as a wolf, you know what they do
They find a cart of yummy cheese, it's like they're eating for two
They snarf a wheel of cheddar, jack of pepper, drinking fondue
The mice are tearing up the town, they'll turn it into a zoo!

"We're about to go mouse wild on this town!"
"Did you bring the spray paint?"
"We're not pawns of the state"
"I'm an ENFP!"
"I'm not a delinquent. I'm just swept up by the social fervor of the moment!"

The mice have formed deep social bonds
Interpersonal magic you can't cast with a wand
Swept up in the moment, they go crazy one for all
They disobey the rules, they disregard the law!

The mice smash up the town!
Avenue running up and down!
Then they look up to the sky
and see a spaceship land nearby!
Aliens survey the land 
but don't know where the mice will stand,
when they ask them to come with
to space the place of tale and myth!

The mice are introspective, even in their drunken stupor.
"I don't wanna leave my family man!"
"Our lives, everything we've worked for, all the cheese!"
If they come  with us, they know they may never return.
"But, the adventure!"
"The promise of space!"
"The final frontier!"
"We will be the first of the space mice!"
"We will be legends!"
"We must gooooooooooooo!"

"The Andromeda is beautiful from up here"
"I love space and I love aliens"
"No light pollution is the best!"
"Space is awesome!"
We are glad you like the view.
Now, come lounge in our...
Space. Hot tub.

"No way!"

The beat and instruments were meant to be it for this song. I didn’t plan on there being any lyrics at all. In fact, I considered it finished. That is, until I was looking for a suitable title (the file was named “fonk” and I felt like that didn’t quite capture the feel of it). I asked Sonoma what she thought the song was about, and she told this entire story as it played. I think she nailed it.

She insisted that I emphasize the following (her words):

“Soactually less emphasis on the mice tagging things and more about a social type of craze that they get from the social fervor of being in the moment, even though they are not necessarily pawns of the state, that’s just not the main focus of the post-food actions. They just run around and whatnot, maybe yes some tagging. I just want to make sure they don’t have the connotation of delinquency from the common eye”

So keep that in mind.


A lot of the development of this song actually went into the distortion of the drums. Here’s a snapchat video I posted in July of me messing around with them:

This is a guitar pedalboard plugin I put on the drums. Also my laptop speakers are shit.

At some point after this video was taken, I found a couple bitcrusher presets that I really liked. This inspired me to create the 8-bit portion of the song, which then turned into the section where they went to space.

I asked my friend Cailee to make an album cover for this song because she has two pet rats, so I figured she’d relate to the mouse side of things. She’s also incredibly crafty and creative, so I knew she’d have fun with it. And I’m pretty sure she did.

Listen now

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