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Posted on April 20, 2020


It’s a state of consciousness!
Another order of awareness…

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The Click Theory of Existence

Coming up with new explanations of what the universe is about has been a hobby of mine for the past couple years. Most of them take the form of explaining the phenomena we experience with some non-obvious underlying “truth” (usually including an interpretation of consciousness). The Click theory is a little bit different.

What is a Click?

A Click is like a version of reality, or a singular expression of existence. Our Click consists of matter, energy, consciousness, politics, culture, education, and language, among other things. However, the Click theory says that one Click isn’t necessarily the same as any other – only the expression of “base consciousness” is carried between them. This is what the first part of the graphic art is about (which I put at the end of this page for reference):

This world is a click 
Of whatever underlying phenomena that is
We are stuck in the world that gives us the words physical or spiritual
But there is some subset
Some set outside of our imagination
A concept
That is the next click
The reincarnation

We are stuck within our Click. We can’t imagine what another Click would ACTUALLY be like, but we can try to imagine the “base consciousness” that exists underneath every Click. This base consciousness is your life force and your essence. Although we can never define what this would look like objectively, it can help to imagine it in an expressive way:

The life of you as a wave
Crashing in the ocean
A peak in this world
But in any world
Not one we can imagine
A concept

In our Click, our base consciousness is made up of our experiences and interactions as humans. In another Click, all of “our” existence could be expressed in any other way. The culmination of a life’s worth of consciousness and emotion could be conveyed as a tree of light growing in a vast neon forest, or a cognizant can of beans falling off a shelf (somehow). The only limit of what other Clicks could be is our imagination itself.

Of course, a downfall of our Click is that we are limited to the language we have. Really, we don’t have the capacity to explain in any other way; we are bound by our Click, restricted to what can exist within our thoughts. But what if you could travel from one Click to another?

The key of getting from one click to another click
Lock and key
Very specific thing
1/infinity shape concept to get from one thing to another thing
That’s what a key is
In this click it’s a key

To get there, we would need some “key”. A key is a specific object, one so specific that it is the only thing that can open up that door (at least, that’s how we describe it in this Click). Could one exist in the depths of physics or metaphysics? Is there a way to transmit us from this Click to another? Imagine what would be possible if we could.

Why does it matter?

I believe it’s important for us to take a step back and wonder at the deeper nature of reality. Sure, it may be somewhat likely that this is it; we’re born, we live, we die, that’s the end of it. But I think it’s pretty naive to assume that all of reality is as we <believe><perceive> it to be. A few centuries ago, most people thought the Earth was flat. Now, we’ve landed on other planets. Imagine what humans will think in five hundred years looking back at us.

You don’t need to doubt everything

This last line was a note to myself. Although it can be comforting to think of yourself as one small expression of an underlying feeling, thinking about this stuff too much can get you messed up in the head. Nothing seems real, nothing seems to matter, existence seems like nothing more than the click of a computer mouse.

But that’s the beauty of taking a step back every once in a while; it allows you to re-evaluate what really DOES matter. Even if nothing matters in the end, things can matter now. Beauty is what you think it to be, and your existence here is what you make it. We only have one chance in this Click – make yours worth your while.

The original click document

And yes, the comic sans was intentional.

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