Occult Album Cover

Posted on February 1, 2020

That driving percussion instrument is a really messed up agogo bell.

Reminiscent of distorted radio signals and bitcrushed audio, Occult has more than its fair share of musical modification. Everything is touched by some level of distortion, from the hi-hats to the toms to the random noises that fill up space throughout the song. Of course, some elements have more than others.

I created this song in early January 2020, right before second semester of senior year started. The first part I did was the chorus, and I remember walking around campus in the dark (at 5pm) listening to it repeatedly on my phone speaker. After a a bit of development, a giant final chorus, and not enough mixing, the song was ready to go.

I’d created the album cover a couple weeks prior, on the day my mom got married. For some reason, I had the word “occult” on my mind, and I drew it a bunch all over a piece of paper until I landed on a design I liked.

I thought this looked nice and clean, but the song is everything except for that. So I threw it in a photomosher and ended up with the distorted album cover we all know and tolerate.

Listen now:

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