Ambiguous Afternoon

Ambiguous Afternoon Album Cover

Posted on May 7, 2020

This saucy beat was inspired by Van Vleck, the math building at UW-Madison. I took Calculus I, II, and III in the basement of this building (the tower is all offices). During the production of this song, I couldn’t get into the building due to quarantine; I was forced to take inspiration from the outside of the building rather than the inside. That ended up benefitting the song, I think, because the inside of the building is rather asylum-like, and the outside has all these cool plants.

This one has a chill music video

I sampled some random youtube video for the string flourishes in the song. The bass guitar that makes the melody is just electronic, but my friend Drew is learning the bass, so hopefully he’ll be able to hop on one of my future tracks to add some personality to it.

My favorite part of Ambiguous Afternoon is the glitch section where it goes all out of tune. This is what that part looks like, if you like sneak peeks into the production process:

People tell me that they really like the xylophone bit that fades in and then fades out near the end of the song, which is interesting because I just put it in to fill some space while the song was playing itself out. So that just goes to show that life is pointless.

Right when I started producing the song, I went in two different directions with it. One was the one you can listen to on the internet. The other was a trap version. It’s the same kind of sound, but the drums are trap drums and hard hi-hats and stuff like that. And there’s an 808 instead of a bass guitar. If you know anyone who wants to slap a verse on some remix I make, I can send them the beat. Just let me know, I guess.

Listen now:

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