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Posted on July 2, 2020

The beginning of the Chatty Cats song is a beatbox I recorded on my phone.

I often record the tunes and beats that pop into my head. If I get into a creative rut, I use my voice memos as inspiration (which is exactly what happened in this situation).

I don’t know why I called the voice memo Chatty Cats, because there weren’t any cat noises in the entire thing. However, towards the end of the voice memo (not featured in the song), I did hear my mom talking, which means I was at home. Which means I was near my own cats, Emily and Lottie. It’s likely that I was thinking about them when I named that voice memo.

There are quite a few tempo changes within the song. This wasn’t the case until right before I finished producing it. I thought the song sounded too repetitive the way that it was, but I didn’t want to change the tune of it. So I put in a couple tempo changes instead and added a whole new dynamic to the song.

Also yes, the cat noises certainly degrade the quality of the song.

My favorite part of the song is when it gets fast for the second time. I love how it gets quiet and falls down, the slowly builds back up into this dope beat with a consistent driving hi-hat (which isn’t there for the majority of the song).

The second half doesn’t really have anything to do directly with cats, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean it can’t belong in a song about cats. Sometimes cats are chatty and vibrant, and sometimes they are mellow and mysterious. No matter what the vibe of cat you like, I hope you enjoy this song. But if you don’t, I won’t be offended, because I don’t care.

Listen now:

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