Posted on September 25, 2020

I tried to focus on coding, but I felt a strong need to create physical art.

Chase was playing a playlist with these songs on it. I Shazam’d the songs as I drew. I vibed to each song in totality.

the entire floor setup
The floor on which I drew the piece

The pencil began by commenting on the development of Apple as a corporation. Corporate governance is evolving faster than our judicial governance. That’s the one we should really be watching.

Then, the pencil moved left and created a burst. While physically drawing that burst, I was in a meditative state – I lost my self in what I was doing. The plan itself (to create a burst) was intentional, but once I had begun the action of creating the burst and set my intention as such, I let the pencil do the work.

On the left side of the burst, you can see the simple sketch of a small gift. This is when the idea for the drawing developed a level deeper. I decided in that moment to make the drawing into a gift, and from then on, the pencil line refers to this idea.

In the last piece of the line, I reference that I was mostly letting the pencil do all of the work by itself. It moves like a creature around the page, leaving a semi-permanent trail for anyone to see and trace with their senses. And now I’ve digitized it.

There are upside down words at the end of the line there, if you didn’t notice. Kinda hard to read in this photo, I agree.

Happy camping.

sonoma viewing the drawing
Writing print(vision): was an afterthought, and I included it because I “should’ve” been coding.

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