I have emerged into the earth

Posted on March 11, 2019

I have emerged into the earth
Disguised as a human

They see me and they see themselves
One, just another, among them

Even as I do noticeable things
They cease to notice me Because I am them

Oh wonder! To be a human
Locked in experience like a movie

Self centric
Focused on their story
And not the story of the whole

Oh wonder!
To see so little
To see such a small slice of existence
And to see it completely

I sample their experiences
Try to become one with them

Hang out with friends
And wait for trains
Catch the bus
And take a test

But after all, it never works
You cannot become one with the humans
Because to be one with them
Is to be one of them

And to be one of them
Is to be nobody

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