Posted on May 16, 2021

i remember when

untangling the earbuds felt like

opening the door to a wonderful world.


music so close

enveloping my brain mind

inspiring me to feel

and think of how it’s done


quality so high

it sounded raw and wrong

every intentional imperfection the piece of a masterpiece


not only did

the music come and come and come

drowning in itself, and taking me with it


i also became

more and more informed

about the details of its creation


what i once believed

was a feeling mass of intuitive notions

became a challenge

a technical feat of untold proportions


my heroes became rivals

and what i would create

could not come close to their perfections


i resisted it

the earbuds became a tool

i used to test my failures against polished grails

of musical talent and production


i fell off

my previous listening habits

built away from them through contrasting basslines

and flat melodies

and my years

of untrained consumer ears

finally understanding

how good my heroes were.


and i nearly cancelled my spotify account.




but i didn’t.


the old drive still eludes me

i don’t know if i’ll ever listen like i used to

with wonder at the sounds and tones


but now,

as i untangle my earbuds

to avoid the feeling of an uncomfortable conversation,


i hear the sound

of my earbuds knocking together

and it brings me back


their sound reminds me

of the way i used to appreciate

a sound created by another


and i wish i could do it again

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