domebro CalEarth 4 Day Workshop Guide – How to get the most out of your earthbag dome workshop

learn how to “optimize” your CalEarth earthbag workshop from a dude who did it literally today

satellite-mode-vs-terrain-mode why I switched from satellite mode to terrain mode

as long as you’re not using the default mode…

Riffe Lake Riffe Lake

A short conversation at the mud flats

i'm reddit famous Current Life Advice for Reddit

I got 19 upvotes

the injector project The Injector Project, aka the riskiest thing I’ve ever done.

The LB7 has a curse…

Marymoor Parking Lots with Key fake news: “Pave Our Park!” Protestors March on Redmond City Hall

fake news visits Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA

edit of citizen nft CityDAO blog post

CityDAO is the future of land governance

how to predict what someone will text you back how to predict what someone is going to text you back

(you * everyone else)!

Power and Wifi while living in a camper or van

our full solar setup (with links) and hotspot info

Stranded in a private parking lot for 4 days… successfully

aka how to replace a fuel filter assembly