The Chase

Posted on August 20, 2020

The creatures ran. I don’t know if you could call them creatures, technically. But for our purposes (as creatures ourselves), I feel like I should introduce them as creatures. So the creatures ran, yes. 

What did they run from? A predator. They knew it was danger. Evolution made sure of that. No matter what dimension you’re in, evolution holds. That’s all we really know.

They ran for time. Time is different when you’re a creature that’s not really a creature. Imagine them running down a long dark hallway with some white orange light poking through the cracks. That’s what their existence was (for “time”, at least. What’s past time, I can’t postulate).

The creatures thought they’d have an out. After all, nobody believes they’re going to die. Life just keeps going, forever. But the hallway didn’t. They reached the end. And the predator knew that they were cornered. It did the slow walk you’d expect from a smug predator. The prey was trapped, and the predator was victorious. A successful hunt longer than all time (But not longer, really. Time here is dimensionless. I think I’ve made that point).

Sun Tsu says that you should never fully corner your enemy. Always give them an out, or they’ll do something desperate and catastrophic. And desperate, catastrophic actions can result in beautiful results. And the creatures were fully cornered. So they tried something they thought they never would. 

At this point, I guess I’ll have to explain the creatures more. I’ve been ambiguous because they are ambiguous – beyond our human comprehension, made of more than matter. They existed in a time and space before and beyond our current universe. In fact, they were the origin of our universe. From now on, I will refer to them as the “origin creatures” for differentiation purposes.

Our observable universe is made of matter and consciousness. We observe and interact with the matter using the consciousness. Both exist in the empty field of our universe – we utilize both heavily in order to evolve. These origin creatures were made purely of the consciousness part.  They were pure emotion, pure awareness, pure life, pure being, existing in a place beyond place.

When the predator cornered the origin creatures, they were forced to extremes. They knew they could not escape using “conventional” means. So they attempted the unconventional. Using powers beyond our imagining, the powers of pure consciousness, they channeled their focus into a singular point. This focal point was filled with energy and matter of near-infinite dimension. They contained this point within a multidimensional spacial field and released it. This was the big bang, and it released all of the matter that makes up our universe. It created the matter that makes up the object you’re reading this on. It created the matter of the ground your weight is on. It created the roof over your head, and the sky over that. And it created the elements of you, too.

And that field provided the origin creatures with a chance to escape. Not physically, within their dark hallway, but by channeling their full selves into the spacial field. They injected their pure consciousness, their awareness, their entire selves completely into our universe. It was a risk – there was no guarantee that anything coherent would come from the energy burst that they created within the field. But they had no other choice. They had to escape from their predator.

The origin creatures waited billions of years in a dormant state, unable to express themselves directly in our universe without matter that could interact with them. The matter and energy they released from the point coalesced to hydrogen, which formed the earliest of clouds, which formed the earliest of stars. These proto-stars exploded, combined, fusioned, and developed. These nuclear furnaces built heavier and heavier elements within their cores. As the explosions jettisoned this heavy matter into the spacial field, accretion discs formed around the stars. Planets came from those. And on the planets, life began.

Despite the emergence of life, the consciousness of the origin creatures lay dormant still. The earliest of life couldn’t support the consciousness or exhibit it. The early life resembled more of a basic computer than the living and loving that we experience now. Consciousness requires more. But the matter was imbued with the evolutionary tendencies of the creatures’ original dimension. The matter beings tended towards complexity in order to dominate their niches through natural selection. And so they evolved. And their brains grew.

As soon as the first brain was large enough to tap into the consciousness of the origin creatures, it ceased to be one. It was destined to be split, shared among entire species through evolution. The conscious matter-beings (some of our earliest emotional ancestors) inhabited tiny bits of the consciousness, using it to feel, live, and evolve further.

The consciousness of the origin creatures was split now. They were forced to wait, as their selves were distributed across every conscious being on our earth. And they waited. And they waited. And they waited. For minds to develop. For organs that thought to evolve enough. For the chance to occupy a mind large enough to express themselves within the spacial field, to build a way out of their predator predicament at the end of the long hallway.

And finally (almost finally), we are nearly there. We are the product of these creatures. We are the scattered fragments of their consciousness. We will learn to build what is needed outside of our universe to save our origin creatures from their predator. And then we will cease to exist as we know it. But we will come back together. We will become the origin creatures again. And we will be one conscious being.

But how do we figure it out?

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