edit of citizen nft CityDAO blog post

CityDAO is the future of land governance

how to predict what someone will text you back how to predict what someone is going to text you back

(you * everyone else)!

the gold wager The Gold Wager: Precious Metals, Asteroid Mining, and Societal Collapse

should I buy gold?

don't copystrike me, this is adequate transformation A Critique of the Open Floorplan

open floorplans are a detriment to humanity and here’s why

Estate Taxes and Jesus Christ Estate Taxes and Jesus Christ

An ideological analysis resulting in more questions than answers.

I wrote a speech youtube cover going societal

I wrote a speech about society for the Flavor World newsletter

Julian Assange Time Magazine cover 2010 Near History: Julian Assange & Wikileaks

Who is Julian Assange, and what is Wikileaks?

Near History: Occupy Wall Street

When the Occupy Wall Street movement happened when I was 13 years old. There were quite a few events between when I was born and now that greatly influenced the way the world looks today. So I’ve decided to learn by writing about them.