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it's a tree with the word yotally under it, nice gold field Yotally Podcast – Episode 3

wanna know the behind the scenes for episode 3? look no further.

Yotally Podcast – Episode 2

yotally podcast episode 2 show notes

yotally episode 1 Yotally Podcast – Episode 1

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Do you have an idea for a podcast? Start today with this REAL guide. Very real.

WAIDH logo The What Am I Doing Here? Podcast

We interviewed our professors and asked the questions you wouldn’t ask in class.

WAIDH logo Guest Outreach (WAIDH #5)

In the final post of my first blog series, I cover guest outreach. This can happen both digitally and in-person – and you need to be prepared for both!

WAIDH logo Editing (WAIDH #4)

Editing is the most technical part of podcast production. From cutting out filler sounds to rearranging the entire structure of the conversation, good editing can make or break your podcast. Learn the most practical podcast editing tips in this blog post…

WAIDH logo Equipment and Hosting (WAIDH #3)

Good equipment + good hosting = success! I recommend the Blue Microphones Yeti for recording – great quality for a reasonable price. For hosting, Anchor can’t be beat. Check out my article on equipment and hosting for more details and tips…

WAIDH logo Leading the Conversation (WAIDH #2)

Determining the tone of your podcast decides what type of conversation you’ll be leading. During that conversation, you need to remember to stay on track and provide value for the listeners. Follow the 3 tips in my most recent blog post to learn how to do it better!

WAIDH logo Comfort and Quality (WAIDH #1)

I’m writing a blog series on the lessons I learned hosting and producing the What Am I Doing Here? podcast. This first post is about balancing the comfort of the guest with the quality of the conversation. If you’re interested in starting a podcast, this is the blog series for you.