May 6th

crazy person scrawling

Posted on May 6, 2020

A momentous day. A normal day.

The siren rang. And I felt it again. It tickled me again, like it had before, many times. This time, though, there was no artificial stimulation. There was no herbal catalyst. There was no material cause. Except for the loud storm siren ringing. It felt like it was everywhere.

And she felt it too. Simultaneously. With a different cause, I suppose. But that’s what it does. It affects us all in coincidental ways.

We both wrote about it. Simultaneously, without consulting each other. There’s that coincidence again, I guess.

what Sonoma saw

Looking at this piece of art still weirds me out. If this sort of stuff weirds you out too, reach out. Let’s talk about it.

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