living in not fear

Posted on October 23, 2021

Not living in fear of other humans is hard. I grew up watching the news. I saw all the same stuff as you did.

living not in fear

live not in fear

live in not fear

living in not fear

Just imagine not fearing the other human. The scariest of the predators. The smartest, the corruptible.

The system that we have created. The collective collection of collactions my fear as collateral a correlated corollary

living in not fear

live not in fear

imagine not living in fear

do not fear me and i will not fear you

i will not cause harm to you if you don’t cause harm to me

but what if you don’t?

(but what if i don’t?)

> wear big pants

> look funny in public

> give something away (do i?)

>> to go against <my> nature

>> living not in fear

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