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If you’re not from twitter then stay out of here

Yotally Podcast – Episode 2

yotally podcast episode 2 show notes

yotally episode 1 Yotally Podcast – Episode 1

stream the first episode of the yotally podcast here

yotally, bro yotally newsletter / podcast introduction

email newsletter and podcast project (backstory and description)

Yiction short videos – inspo for [[the album]]

making music and editing videos in the camper

I wrote a speech youtube cover going societal

I wrote a speech about society for the Flavor World newsletter

this digital mess I've made playlist cover It’s a playlist, not an album

The most extensive music project I’ve made.

the finished listing The Milwaukee House

We flipped a house.

Flavor World Logo Flavor World & The Kids’ Table & The Flavor Friday Podcast

How I got involved with the best brand I know.

me and chase Les Cinq Mois

My friend and I made a short film.

WAIDH logo The What Am I Doing Here? Podcast

We interviewed our professors and asked the questions you wouldn’t ask in class.