A Letter to the Forest (series)

oof sorry for the swearing

Posted on January 27, 2020

Some ancient legends speak of trickster spirits. It feels good to be the trickster. You know what’s going on, and you can get joy from seeing the victim figure out the situation. The context is what’s important here – the trickster is aware of the full context of the scenario, while the victim is forced to deduce it.

I was alone in the Muir Woods. I had recently been having strange thoughts about the nature of reality and consciousness (par for the course).

What if our whole reality is the trick? Does the forest know more than we do? If we were the forest, and we were in on it, I bet we’d have a lot of fun watching humans try to figure it out.

deeper, with no swears

The universe is a closed box. Everything within us comes from around us. Everything around us comes from what’s within us. What we see in the trees, we can see in ourselves. We are our own trickster spirits.

whoops back to swearing

I did what I could to fight back. You’re welcome, everyone.

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